Plastering and skimming is great way to to bring damaged walls and ceiling back to life and looking like new.


We carry out all aspects of plastering, including plaster boarding, backing coats and finish coats.

No matter how badly damaged your walls and ceilings are, we can make them flat, smooth and looking like new ready for decoration.


Artex is one of those things that everyone agrees should never of been invented!


Light textured Artex can generally be plastered straight over with a finish plaster. Heavier textured Artex may need a backing coat to bring level before a finish coat is applied.

No matter how ugly your Artex is we can cover it!


If your ceiling is cracked, sagging or bulging and in need of repair or replacement we can help.

Depending on the condition it is possible to plaster over the original, other options include over boarding or in the worst case a full removal and replacement.

We also install metal framed suspended ceilings to accommodate new spotlights and services.


Older solid wall constructed properties lose a lot of heat through the external walls this can cause cold spots which can lead to condensation and black mould.

Internally insulting the external walls can dramatically reduce the heating costs of a property, create a healthier environment and stop black mould caused by condensation forming. 


Damp in properties if not treated can cause extensive damage to the fabric of the building. The most common cause of damp are rising damp and penetrating damp.

We have a good understanding of how damp moves through buildings and can track down and treat the cause.

Methods include DPC injection, tanking and damp proof membranes.



Do you have noisy neighbours? or do you like to make noise? We have solutions for you.

Noise pollution travelling through walls and ceilings is a nuisance for everyone involved. We can upgrade your walls and ceilings to reduce noise by up to 50db.

Using a combination of acoustic panels, insulation and sound breaker bars, we can help give you the peace and quiet you deserve.